The United Reformed Churches in North Staffordshire - Who We Are

The United Reformed Churches of North Staffordshire

The United Reformed Church (URC) is the UK branch of the worlds second largest Christian family the Reformed Traditional and we have our roots in the Presbyterian, Congregational and Church of Christ denominations.

Our churches are governed and maintained by committed volunteers, the members of each church, led by local teams of Elders.  Each congregation is supported by a team of carefully trained and ordained Ministers.

We each meet for worship regularly and put on a range of social activities Although we are six distinct congregations, we are being challenged to see how we can work more effectively together.

Burslem URC

Chesterton URC

Longton URC

Tomkin Chapel

Uttoxeter URC

Wolstanton URC

We are six congregations of the URC serving our communities across North Staffordshire

Who We Are